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Rechtsanwälte — Attorneys at Law


  • Recent Swiss Case Law on Trust-related Issues, in: Trusts & Trustees, Volume 24, Issue 2, 1 March 2018, Pages 168–176.
  • Recent Swiss case law on partial actions and its implications on labour disputes, in: ARV/DTA 4/2017, S. 251 ff. [together with Peter Hafner].
  • Aggregation of amounts in dispute for joinder of parties and joinder of claims, comments on Federal Supeme Court judgment 142 III 788, in: ZZZ 40/2016, p. 275-281 [together with Richard Meyer].
  • Liability for Appearance in Group of Companies Contexts, comments on Federal Supreme Court judgment 137 III 550 ss., GesKR 2/2012, p. 287–293 [together with Peter Reichart].
  • Revision of antitrust law - what to do?, Swissconsultants 03/2004 [together with Rudolf Merker].

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