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  • Denn sie wissen nicht, was wir tun – Ein Plädoyer für mehr Verständnis der Anwaltstätigkeit durch die Gerichte, ZZZ 55/2021, p. 597 et seqq.
  • Causality, a new obstacle in liability proceedings? – On recent case law of the Federal Supreme Court (in German), in: Directors & Officers Liability X, Corporate Liability Proceedings, Sethe/Isler (eds.), Europa Institut at the University of Zurich, Conference Transcript 2020, Zurich 2020, p. 139-164
  • Attempts to defraud money transfers in the digital age, SZW/RSDA 4/2016, p. 392-404.
  • Improvement of the auditor's position in corporate liability? - Procedural analysis of art. 759 para 2 draft-CO, SZW/RSDA 5/2017 p. 661 to 671.
  • Claims against financial service providers unter the FinSA Draft legislation - a critical appraisal, SZW/RSDA 4/2016, p. 390-399 [together with MLaw Richard Meyer].
  • The prepayment penalty in the mortgage business – legal provisions and calculation for fixed-rate mortgages, with a special focus on the effects of negative interests, in: AJP 10/2015, p. 1398-1408 [together with Silvia Haffner].
  • Liability for Appearance in Group of Companies Contexts, comments on Federal Supreme Court judgment 137 III 550 ss., GesKR 2/2012, p. 287-293 [together with Alexander Wintsch].
  • Witness Examinations by Lawyers in Civil Proceedings, SJZ [Swiss Jurist's Journal] 107 (2011), p. 201–205 [together with Peter Hafner].
  • The Question of the «Legally Sufficient Service of Process» in Recognition Proceedings Pursuant to Art. 27 No. 2 of the Lugano Convention and Art. 15 of the Hague Convention, in: Liber discipulorum et amicorum, Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Kurt Siehr zum 65. Geburtstag (Zurich 2001).
  • The Renvoi in Swiss Private International Law, Function and Significance (thesis Zurich 1996).

speaking engagements

  • Speech at the 10th Zurich conference on responsibility in corporate law on 11 February 2020 of the Europa Institute at the University of Zurich on the topic «Causality, a new obstacle in corporate liability proceedings?».
  • Panelist at the 10th annual conference on civil procedural law on commercial court proceedings, Institute for Private International Law and Procedural Law (CIVPRO), 30 August 2019.
  • "Man in the middle" and other fraud attempts in the digital age - Zurich Bar Association Practice Group Banking, 20 March 2018.
  • Claims against financial service providers under the FinSA Draft legislation, Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland, Zurich, 18 January 2017 [together with Richard Meyer].
  • Panelist at the 8th annual seminar on corporate liability, Europe Institute, 3 September 2015.
  • Contact between lawyer and witness - from the lawyer's perspective, Zurich Bar Association Practice Group Civil procedure, 24 June 2015 [together with Prof. Dr. Markus Kaufmann, District Court Gaster-See].
  • Panelist «Testimony of witnesses: from the lawyer's contacting of the witness to the examination of the witness in court», Europe Institute, 9th annual seminar on civil procedure, 7 May 2015.
  • Witness Examinations by Lawyers in Civil Proceedings; Code of Civil Procedure – Pitfalls and Opportunities; Seminar of the University of St. Gall and the Center for Conflict Resolution CCR, 7 March 2013, Zurich.
  • Investment related claims by clients against banks – Zurich Bar Association Practice Group Banking, 14 June 2011, [together with Peter Hafner].

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